5 Reasons to Embrace Social Media in the Workplace


  • Reductions in inefficiencies company wide – especially companies with multiple locations and large staff. Information is readily shared and resources and talent are used more wisely.
  • Transparency on who coworkers and leaders are, their job functions, and their expertise within the organization.
  • Enhanced corporate visibility is attracting higher quality employment candidates. Like-minded candidates are naturally drawn to organizations that meet their goals, vision, and workplace culture.
  • Executive visibility is building trust among employees, customers, and partners while increasing the likelihood of consumer purchasing.
  • Increased communication levels with fewer misunderstandings on job duties, company vision, and branding.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Social Networking


employees should:

  • Exercise good judgment and common sense.
  • Pause before posting.
  • Not allow social networking to interrupt productivity.
  • Be mindful of their privacy settings.
  • Refrain from anonymity.
  • Be polite and responsible.
  • Be accountable and correct mistakes.
  • Use disclaimers or speak in the first person to make it clear the opinions expressed are not those of their employer.
  • Bring work-related complaints to HR, not through postings on social media sites or the Internet.
  • Remember the audience and that what is being said might create a perception about the employer.

Pros of Social Media in the Workplace

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  • Facilitates open communication, leading to enhanced information discovery and delivery.
  • Allows employees to discuss ideas, post news, ask questions and share links.
  • Provides an opportunity to widen business contacts.
  • Targets a wide audience, making it a useful and effective recruitment tool.
  • Improves business reputation and client base with minimal use of advertising.
  • Promotes diversity and inclusion. See, When Social Media Meets Diversity.
  • Expands market research, implements marketing campaigns, delivers communications and directs interested people to specific websites.