Legal Perspective: Social Media In The Workplace


  1. Improves Branding
  2. Increase sales
  3. ROI for recruitment strategy


  1. Can cause damage to reputation (for employers are saying offensive things or not factual about their companies)
  2. Decrease in productivity (more time online instead of doing the job)

Presented as both a legal and social issue, once someone puts something out on social media, they can’t take it down, and whatever is put out can possibly stand as a bad representation of the company if a person’s content is controversial, if they are misbehaving in some way, or otherwise leaves a bad impression.

Putting aside for a moment that one of the reported reasons that employees use social media in the workplace is boredom or lack of fulfillment on the job, (and what role a company can play in decreasing those cases), there is the social issue… rather a rights issue.