How can employers manage their risks with employee usage of social media?


  • DO NOT “friend” or “follow” employees or managers online
  • DO NOT recommend employees on LinkedIn or other business sites
  • DO NOT post pictures of the workplace, coworkers, or customers (without advance express written permission)
  • DO make sure that your data security is well controlled (both physical and electronic security)
  • DO follow up on employee work complaints posted on social networks to improve the situation, not to punish the employee.
  • DO talk with your employment attorney prior to any termination of employment action for social media comments or information disclosures.
  • DO check the social media sites where your company is discussed.  DO NOT spy on your employees.
  • DO make sure that you have strong restrictive covenants regarding nondisclosure, non-solicitation of customers and employees and noncompetition (where allowed).